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(No allow make them catch you ooo!)

Ok, let’s proceed!

Fashion Entrepreneurs are raving over these secrets!

1.  Mary, John, Grace, Aisha, your secrets are out in the open. Have you watched the above video? Do you get the point or are you laughing at your competitor’s attire?

It is your problem we are discussing and solving today!

We are referring to how you just lost those customers who wanted to buy the fashion items you sell! I mean, how you always have been losing them from your DM in the few times you manage to get customers to your DM!

Or are you making enough sales? Be sincere Deborah… John is your business booming?

Ok, don’t feel attacked, we didn’t reveal your surnames! Please don’t be mad at us … Especially not when we are about to blow your mind!¬†

Grace, we will help you now!

When a client,  after all the chaos on the online street, finally makes it to your DM, I mean, this person is in your DM, instead of looking at pictures of Beyonce half-naked.

Or watching some super hot model tweak her big behind or flaunt his handsome!

Or even some funny video/meme!

All that entertaining was left to come to your DM and the things that you say do not magnet them to you! You don’t give offers good enough to make them melt or salivate like dogs who just saw the best treat ever! Or like a man who has just seen the biggest behind ever! Haha, don’t mind me…

The problem is that you say the boring things a million other broke fashion entrepreneurs are saying, instead of presenting your product like that ice cream that your customer needs to take right now to live a better, joyous much classy and confidence filled life! Or quickly gauge your customer and talk in line of the results they should want from the act of buying your product(s).

Ok, just stop with that expression on your face, you are wondering, how? Like for God’s sake, am I Opera? “Joy, confidence filled life… it’s just fashion items I sell!

MAO Digital Solution or whoever wrote this article, do you know what you are saying? What trash am I reading…”

Don’t worry, see this live practical…

On a serious note, instead of saying, the same “…this is a quality red bag, believe me, and this is the cheapest you can find for this quality…” “I sell cheap quality!…”¬† “New stock alert… Available nationwide…” et cetera, that you have been saying with little sales to show forth!


“…This gown will help you get your life partner focused on you because it will so snatch your curves out, thereby giving you the perfect figure 8 that will make all the side chicks fade to your man!

He will not be able to take his eyes off you! This gown I want to help you with is so rare, there are only 3 pieces left in stock!  You know it is this exact one that Beyoncé wore for her award! Well, luckily for you, right now it is even discounted because I am celebrating blablabla, by tomorrow, it will be 30 dollars more expensive and maybe even out of stock forever!

So do grab it for yourself now, because I won’t be able to help you if you lose it or come back and it is 30 dollars more than the current price! Take it for that awesome experience with your man!

He will almost mistake you for Beyonc√© and you get the matching belt or free delivery if you get this before evening!”

You see, that’s one lousy example that will change your offer game forever!

You can quickly share to help other fashion entrepreneurs… Really, it is super easy to share! Just look above, there is a point where, there are icons for Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and all… with the share this post title…


You can do so later, right now, we have more deliverance sessions for you my friend… Yes! There’s more premium sales secret for you!

Are you alert? This one may hit you hard!


Now, let’s do a little rewind to the problems that can occur before the DM that can hinder the sale of your shoes,¬† bags, dress, pants, suits et cetera, even when your offer is cool and you don’t talk like all the other CEO fashion store mannequins!

The available nationwide, Dm to order CEOs… (we will just ignore the fact that you are that kind of CEO and move on already, hahaha)…


You are leaving that gang today! Can I get a yessss?

Let’s do a few practical checks on the processes that can stop sales or reduce the customer’s trust in you, hence they don’t trust your product or offer enough to open their wallets!

Sincerely,¬† it is not that they don’t have the money,¬† or because it is expensive! These people will buy the same thing from Rihanna for 5 times the cost if they can! So, now that that is out of the way,¬† let’s go to the main thing!

2. So, let’s consider that they meet you on social media!

If you have all those nonsensical,¬† “No refunds, no DM, bla bla bla, poor sales bla on your bio, when you are not Beyonc√© or some important personality, sorry is your case!”

Bad IG bio

You will weep for low sales because what your potential customer is thinking when she/he sees this is, “Wow, who the hell is this, is she a celebrity,¬† what? How many reviews does this one have? For real? No refunds, hahaha, even HP has a warranty! A laptop for God’s sake! So why should I buy here where my money is not safe and I can’t ask for a refund! Maybe this is a scam page, what? There are other credible pages without all the scam noise, or better still, I’ll go to Ali express or Amazon… I won’t be scammed online! No, not again”

So you see right from your bio, or status, or profile, whatever the platform maybe, you have worked against your sales! Really sad reality!

What should be in your bio should be things that help you sell! Things like,

“Best bla bla bla store according to 700 customers…

“We help you get more confidence in your beauty that Rihanna…”

“We have … for you
Reviews, bla or social proof or credibility line…”

“Click on this link to get to bla bla bla…”

Just take a look at ours here…

Physical address if any... Your website link (don’t rush making your website, there are some things you must know before doing it. If you get the wrong website designer, it will be a total waste of money! More on this in maybe another article/post!)

Ok, now, we have done a deliverance for your bio or whatever the customer sees first or around!

The next thing you want to have on your highlights or posted around is some customer review to add to your credibility… I mean, you are not Coca-Cola,¬† neither are you Dan Lok or Bad girl Riri, or even Amazon for that matter!

You need as much validation from others who have tested buying from you in the eyes of your potential customers! Forget all those, I don’t care what others think about me, I don’t need no validation from anyone, sorry to break it to you, Sandra, you need validation for your business to thrive, even when you may not need it for your personal life!

Well, we have so much more value bombs that you can utilise to save you from the shackles of poor sales! And sincerely you may need it! So I am hoping for your sake that you saw our popup and filled your best details in the popup. Reload this page to see the pop-up again and put your details.

Also, you probably need to get to us if you want sales faster than the others! We have something that will help you below!

PS: Before customers land in your dm, there is so much to be done, you need boss positioning/visibility!

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