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Best Website Designer On Linkedin In Nigeria

best website designer on linkedin

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If you’re looking to hire one of the best website designers on linkedin, you may want to browse and analyze those who provide web design services on linkedin. 

However, in this article, we are about to reveal the best website designer on linkedin in Nigeria. You don’t need to search for long or spend time analysing. The reason?

All the proof you need to be convinced you’re hiring the best website designer on linkedin is what this article covers.

Take a relaxed mode as we delve into the topic gradually. Let’s begin. 

Who Is A Website Designer? 


A website designer creates the layout and design of a website. A website designer is one responsible to make a site visually appealing. Their task covers using design programs to create visual elements. 

Furthermore, website designers often have expertise in UI/UX design. In other words, they’re able to design a website strategically to make it easy for visitors to navigate the website to easily find what they need. 

The tasks of a website designer  includes the following:

  • Design and layout of websites
  • Create perfect navigation of a site to provide the best user experience
  • Design sample pages and create mockups
  • Work in Adobe programs to create visuals, graphics, or animations
  • Register web domains
  • Organize files 
  • Collaborate on website updates or “refreshes”
  • Collaborate with writers and designers to create a site

Back on the focus of this article, who’s the best person you should turn to, when looking for a website designer on linkedin? 

Let’s see. 

The Best Website Designer On Linkedin In Nigeria


If you’re looking for the best website designer on linkedin in Nigeria, you should look for no other but Mary Ore Ayokanmi

When you visit linkedin, her proofs, recommendations, endorsements and track record expresses that she knows her onions well. 

She shows mouth-watering proofs that speak louder than just words. Right now, we’d swing swiftly into getting to know Mary a bit more closely. And why she’s the best website designer on linkedin in Nigeria, to meet your website design needs. 

Meet The Best Website Designer On Linkedin In Nigeria


When you check out Mary’s linkedin profile, you will be moved to explore her page deeply. 

Besides being a website designer, her strategy primarily focuses on gearing all of her skills and efforts towards making you massive sales. 

It’s no wonder why she got the Favikon Global Ranking for No. 1 in Sales in Nigeria, 2023. 

Certified by Google, she founded Mao Digital Solution where she carries out her business of designing responsive, attractive and sales driven websites to help you close amazing deals within 90 days.

So, it’s beyond you wanting to design a website. It’s more about you getting a website that meets your specific needs.

What’s more? 

You need a website that matches the standards of the age in terms of seamlessness. When it comes to visual appeal and exceptional navigation, you need to understand the need to keep the attention span of your audience quickly. 

How quickly?

The University of California (in a study) discovered that teenagers have an average attention span of about 12 minutes. 

On the other hand, the average attention span of adults stands at 8 seconds thereabouts.

Attention span varies based on age, gender, and differences in cognitive abilities. 

Maybe you’re thinking…

Why all these statistics? Why the digression? Here’s the reason:

When it comes to website creation, you need an expert website designer to create an experience that makes visitors stay long on your website.

Furthermore, it has to be the reason why they would want to check your page over and over again. 

Still don’t get it? 

You need to keep the attention span of your target audience. This is what Mary, the best website designer on linkedin will help you achieve.

Mary is result-driven, skills-oriented and talented.

Here’s a shot from her portfolio.

best website designer on linkedin
Now, I think you’ve known enough of Mary.

But now, let’s see some proofs and mouth-watering results she’s amassed.

This will help you see why she’s the best website designer on linkedin you should meet for your website design needs. 

Why You Should Choose Mary On Linkedin


As the founder of MAO Digital Solution for the past three years, Mary has made a significant impact in digital marketing, especially with website design for top brands. 

She’s designed and managed great websites for top brands like:

She has helped over 773 business owners and brands improve their online visibility and boost sales through standout website design, effective sales strategies, app creation, Facebook advertising, and digital marketing in general. 

Additionally, Mary is passionate about sharing her knowledge through talks and coaching sessions, inspiring others for success. 

In conclusion, Mary isn’t just a Google Certified professional or a website designer; she’s a fire breathing sales warlord, recognized by Favikon, and committed to helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

With several proofs and testimonials from clients and endorsements, Mary is known from Nigeria to other countries of the world. Why shouldn’t you stay relaxed and assured that you’re hiring the best website designer on linkedin in Nigeria? 

If you’re looking to hire the best website designer on Linkedin, contact Mary now

It’s the one action that’ll leave you with no regrets. Send her a message today

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