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Website Design And Development Services You Should Know

website development services on screen

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Do you know the list of website design and development services? In this informative article, we seek to educate you on various services that fall within the scope of website design and development. 

In case you need the services of a website design and development agency, this article will give  you insight into the kind of services they offer. 

Before then, let’s know how costly a website design and development service could be. This would also help you in preparing the right budget before you proceed with searching for the website design company to work with.

Let’s proceed. 

website development services on screen

How Much Does A Website Design And Development Service Cost?


According to reports from WebFX, it costs $1000 – $145,000 to build a website with an agency or freelancer.
On the other hand, if it’s to build one with a website builder, it could cost between $0 – $500 monthly. However, website maintenance could cost from $3,600 – $50,000 per year. And if it’s with a website builder platform, it could be up to $5,400 for annual maintenance. 

It’s vital to note that the cost of a website design and development service will also be based on several factors and your specifications too.

For instance, offers available or crafted by professional web designers also differ from agency to agency based on strategy and their level of experience. 

Mao Digital Solution has various web design packages you should check out today. 

In addition, the costs are fair prices. Also, you can rest assured you’d get the result you desire from this digital marketing agency founded by Mary Ayokanmi Ore.

Right now, let’s take a closer look at the cost of web design and development services  in Nigeria. 


How Much Do Web Designers Charge In Nigeria?


A website design and development services cost would start from about N100,000 to N5,000,000 or more. 

Several factors ranging from the expertise and credibility of the company or agency also come into view here. 

Your website design and development services cost would also be based on the complexity of the website you intend to build. Is it an ecommerce website an educational website? Is it just a website for registration and sign up?

Furthermore, features that will be included on your website will have installation costs which will be added to the building charges you’d pay. Check out packages on Mao Digital Solution for prospects to choose from. 


What Are Web Development Services?


Web development services cover various areas. It involves creating, building, and maintaining websites. It is vital to note that creating a website is part of marketing today. Therefore, it is necessary that you know the services offered in the website design industry. 

Ranging from web design, to programming, database management and more, each service plays distinct roles in developing an interactive website. 

That said, let’s proceed to check out the list of web developments services a website design agency could be offering. 

Top 10 Web Development Services


1. Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development involves designing, creating, testing and building a complete web application. 

It covers back-end, front-end and database development. With various programming and coding skills, these developers work to develop web applications for businesses and brands. 

This is one of the services a website development agency offers. 

2. Customized Web App Development 

It’s vital to know the difference between website and web applications. 

Web applications, also called software applications, offer a better User Experience and interactions when compared to the website. The software developers are responsible for building web applications. They utilize various tools and technologies in creating applications that run on mobile. 

Customized web app development is therefore one of the services a website development company offers. 

3. Website Maintenance

A website design company builds a website for clients. When issues arise with the website, it is normal the client wants to check with the company that built the website. Hence, maintenance is one of the added services of a website development company. 

Every website that would function properly must be maintained. There are thousands of websites on the internet today. A lot of illegalities and hackings of websites occur everyday. It is therefore important to secure websites by paying for website maintenance services. 

Maintaining a website is like giving it a regular health check-up, ensuring it stays functional, up-to-date, and secure. This ongoing process is vital for the website’s longevity and relevance.

All in all, website maintenance tasks would include updating content, increasing website performance, fixing bugs, enhancing user experience and more. 

4. Responsive Design

In modern web development, responsive designs cannot be overlooked. Consequently, one of the website development services you should look out for is the responsive design package.

Though it may attract greater cost, it would pay off because your audience will stay longer on your website to make decisions that would profit you. Responsive design services involves having flexible layouts, images, ensuring readability, and easy navigation amongst others. 

5. Backend Development

Backend Development is one of the services in web development. It has to do with server-side development and database management.
The major function of the backend developers is to ensure smooth operation of the website, efficient use and security of data, etc. 

Services within the field of backend development include hosting, cloud storage, database management, push notifications, and authentication.

6. Frontend Development

Frontend development is one of the key aspects of web development services. 

In addition, it focuses on designing interactive interfaces, utilizing responsive design and ensuring site speed. 

Front end developers also work on the hosting, cloud storage, database management, push notifications, and authentication, offering flexibility and scalability.

7. Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is vital  to protecting your website from threats and breaches. It includes tasks such as setting up firewalls, securing databases, updating and handling software issues. 

The idea of this service is to ensure that your website is secured and safe from hackers. Beyond this, the overall goal is to ensure the entire protection of the website.

8. Web Hosting Service

One of the website design and development services includes web hosting service. It’s simply about selecting hosting providers, configuration of servers, bandwidth management and continuous website availability. 

In addition, web hosting services cover the use of SSL certificates for encryption and web application firewalls (WAF). All of these help to filter malicious traffic, scan security plugins and check content delivery networks (CDN) to prevent attacks on the website. 

As important as it is for businesses, organizations and individuals to own a website to have an online presence, it is vital to ensure a web hosting service that will ensure the development of a functional and secure website. 

9. Web Design

The website design service focuses on the visual appeal or user interface of a website.

Furthermore, services in web design includes strategic placement of images in various pages of the website. 

It also includes typography, correct use of colours, relatable designs, all of which are vital to enhance user experience.

This also will increase engagement, retain users on the website, thus reducing bounce rates.

10. SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is also one of the key services within the scope of web development services. 

It deals with optimizing a website to rank on search engine results’ pages. It is to increase the website visibility and drive more traffic.
Tasks in SEO optimization include keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and content marketing.

Digital marketing companies offering website design services would have this web development service (SEO optimization) as part of their offerings to meet client needs. 

In conclusion, if you’re seeking to own a website, check up the list of services listed within this article.

They’ll help you have an idea of the services or tasks a website design agency, digital marketing agency or a website designer would carry out on your behalf. Also, some of the services are ones you might have to request and be charged on them separately, such as the website maintenance and SEO optimization. 

In case you’re in search of a website design company to help create a modern day, stunning website that aligns with your goals and objectives, send a message to Mao Digital Solution.

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