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Top 10 Website Design Questions To Ask Clients

web designer getting ready for website design questions to ask clients

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Are you a website designer seeking to know website design questions to ask clients you’re about to serve? 

You may need to be sure you’ve reached out to the right website design company

One sure way to know is by the questions they ask you in the process of delivering their web design services. This is also the reason why we write this article for you. 

In this post, you’d find the top 10 website design questions to ask clients.

A common method web designers often use in reaching clients with these questions and getting their feedback is the web design questionnaire.

Let’s talk briefly about it.

What Is A Website Design Questionnaire?


A website design questionnaire is the list of questions created a web designer sends to a potential client. It aids the web designer to understand the specific needs of the client. Also, it helps to know all that it’ll take to build the exact website design specified. 

The website design questionnaire could be created with Google Form and the link shared with customers to fill. Therefore, other things like cost, timeline and other clarifications can be gotten with the use of the website design questionnaire. 

All in all, it helps to have all detailed information about the website design project in a form. This could also be transferred to a Google Sheet for constant review and references. 

What questions will be in the questionnaire?

Let’s examine them consequently.


web designer getting ready for website design questions  to ask clients

The 10 Website Design Questions To Ask Clients


While it’s exciting to jump on a website design project, it’s equally important to put the list of website design questions to ask clients together.
When you have them, it helps your work as a web designer. Furthermore, the simplicity of your questions could convince your client that you’re one of the top professional web designers fit to handle their project. 

This is the reason why you should take the website design questionnaire seriously.

Let’s proceed to list the questions right away. 

1. Why Redesign Your Website?

In kick starting a website design process, start with why. It’s vital. You need to know why your client wants a redesign.

This question applies to those who already have a website. Determine what’s wrong with the website. Is it the interface? Or the user experience? Is it the navigation? When you have these questions in mind, it gives you clarity of purpose. 

Always start with why! It’s one of the website design questions to ask clients. 

2. What Goals Are Your Current Website Not Meeting?

At times, most website users know why they have a website. But, they haven’t exactly achieved their goals with their current website.

Instead of just seeking to take the website design project, ask your clients what they seek to achieve with their website. This helps you know where to put much more focus in delivering optimal satisfaction to your clients. 

In addition to this, getting your client’s specific website goals will help you easily identify the flaws you need to fix for them. 

The next question relates to those who want a website design from scratch. 


3. What Goals Do You Want To Achieve With Your New Website?

With this question, you seek to discover if your client had dumped a website with a mind to create a new one. It could also be that your client wants a brand new website for the first time.

So, it’s either you’re making sure an error from the abandoned website is avoided in the new website, or you’re totally building a new website from scratch with no comparison.

Obviously, your aim is to help your clients achieve their goals for creating a website.


4. Why Does Your Brand Need A Website?

A successful business needs a website. But, there ought to be a specific purpose why a client seeks to create a website. This would be based on the brand’s goal.

Some brands are intentional about serving their audience by sharing informative content about their products and services. On the other hand, some websites could just be set up to sign up, check in, and pay for a particular product or service the brand sells. 

You need to understand all of these to identify your client’s preference. 


5. What Unique Features Do You Want For Your Website?

This question may be quite difficult for your client to answer. The reason is because you know better than most of them do, when it comes to website design.  So, they believe you’d do a great job for them. 

Knowing this, you have a responsibility to take them through each of the different website features you’ve got for them. You should break down every feature in the simplest possible way you can. 

Then, they can make their preferred choices. 


6. What Kind of Website Is Best For Your Brand?

There are different kinds of websites serving diverse purposes.  

Hence, knowing the brand category your client belongs to can help you easily identify this need. However, they will have to answer this question the best way they can.

In the end, the aim is to know the kind of website you’re designing for them. It could be an ecommerce website, a subscription website, business or an educational website. 

Once you understand your client’s response as it relates to their brand type, then you can know the kind of website to design for them. 


7. Who Are Your Target Audience?

One of the keys to creating a unique website that stands out is knowing your target audience. Why is this needful? 

Obviously, everything from visuals to the structure of the website has to be tailored to attract the audience you’re creating the website for.

Hence, help your clients identify buyer personas representing  their target audience. With that, you can proceed to develop a website based on the information you have. 


8. How Do You Measure Success?

At MAO Digital Solution, client success is priority. Clients can’t spend hard earned money on creating websites and not get the results they expect. 

You should ask your clients how they would measure success and on what terms. This helps you bring their attention to the roles in maximizing their website continually, the maintenance, and promotion. 

The goal eventually is to understand what success with a website means to your clients – it could be more sales, maximum visibility, etc.


9. Would You Like Our Support / Maintenance Services?

Most website owners know little or nothing about managing their websites.

Subsequently, they want to pay for maintenance and support services. In other words, this means you’d still be the one to manage the website to ensure it keeps running smoothly. 

Asking this question helps you clarify this part of your service delivery. When you don’t, you may find it difficult to monetize this aspect of website design services with your client. 


10. What Are Your Observations With Competitor Websites?

When you pay attention to what to copy or adopt from similar websites, you help yourself further designing a website that’s completely unique for your client. 

Based on this, it would be good to analyse competitors’ websites, while having a clear picture of your client’s brand’s goal and uniqueness in mind as you develop websites for them. 


In conclusion, these are the top 10 website design questions to ask clients before working on their website design projects. If you don’t get adequate feedback on them, you might be labelled a quack web designer. But, if you want to protect your brand image as a website designer, be sure to ask these questions from your clients. 

Also, if you’re a brand looking to own a website soon, you should know that Mary Ayokanmi Ore, the founder at MAO Digital Solution, has you covered. With her help, answering these questions and developing for you a best website with mouth-watering results will be an easy journey. 


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