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Is Creating A Website Part Of Marketing Today?

Website Creation Part of Marketing

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This article seeks to answer a vital question: is creating a website part of marketing? 

As you know, we won’t just say Yes or No. We shall explore the facts, figures and insights to whatever answer we choose. We’ll also consider surrounding topics relevant to this topic. 

Let’s get started. 

Is Creating Website Considered Marketing?


Digital marketing efforts include writing blog posts, social media copies, email messaging, running ads and more. But, all of these efforts are geared towards one primary thing – making sales.

Your website stands as the market place where people eventually visit to decide to buy what you offer for sale or the services you render. People visit your website to get more information about you, your business and solutions you provide. 

Hence, your website stands as your online marketing channel, all other marketing efforts tend to bring people to your website. It’s where visitors reach out for a demo (to have a feel or experience with your product or service). 

Prospects or audiences get to sign up for email newsletters or learn something new via your website.

Consequently, it is obvious that creating a website is vital to the marketing efforts your business adopts in attracting potential customers and eventually making sales. 

A website therefore is created to bring traffic and give visitors an exciting user experience that makes them take a buying decision. 

All of the above explanations make our answer to the question – Is creating a website part of marketing? – very clear. 

Of course, creating a website is core in digital marketing practices today.

Right now, let’s dig deeper on why website creation is core in digital marketing today. 

Website Creation Part of Marketing


5 Reasons Why Creating Website Is A Part Of Digital Marketing

1. Impress Target Audience

If you want to impress your target audience, one of the best ways to do that is by owning a website. When people visit your website, they should have a better understanding of the purpose of your website. 

Creating a website for your business is a way to stand out online. All you need is  to position yourself, and create a seamless user experience for visitors. Ensure your website provides answers to questions on visitors’ minds, causing them to return. 

2. Collect Valuable Data

With a website, you have the opportunity to collect relevant data to know your audience and better strategies for targeting them. 

Furthermore, your website collects data and with them you can make informed decisions. You can track the level of engagement your website is giving to visitors with various metrics listed below. 

  • The Bounce Rate
  • Average Time on Page
  • Page Views
  • The Exit Rate

Consistently tracking these metrics help you measure the success of your webpages. 

All in all, your website provides you data that helps you derive information such as demographics, behavior, patterns and interests of visitors on your website. 

3. It Proves Credibility 

With a website for your business, you have a better opportunity to compete with others in your industry. Knowing that when people go online to search for a product or service, the search engine delivers websites that provide these services. 

Hence, the probability that you’d be discovered online starts with you having a website that links your visitors to the information they’re searching. 

Therefore, you should think of a website that impresses, informs, educates, and represents your business or brand quality. 

4. Advertise Your Products & Services

Your website is like a showroom. It’s where you display your goods and services.

A website well structured and designed, will take customers through a step by step process of making a purchase. You must note that this is the end point of the essence of your website in the first place. 

Consequently, your website must be built with this in mind. 

With well crafted web copies, you strategically encourage visitors to explore your website, learn more about your business and its offers. Also, you state how you help them solve their problems and what singles you out from other competitors.

5. Create Awareness Via Search Marketing

All along the question we’ve been answering has been: is creating a website part of marketing today? 

In this point, one of the reasons for creating a website is to create awareness. Website is a powerful tool that makes you visible across the globe depending on locations you target with your search marketing strategies. 

When customers look for your product online, an effective search marketing strategy makes you stand out. This implies that you should optimize your website well enough to show up online when potential customers search.

This will help you grow your audience. Furthermore, customers can reach you online and purchase one or more of your products or request your services. 

Also, another way to utilize your website for awareness is creating a blog section where thought leadership content optimized for search can be consistently updated.

This will help provide your visitors with valuable information that will in turn position your platform as a place of knowledge and value. 

At this point, you’ve seen why website creation is an important part of digital marketing. We’ll proceed to discuss a number of factors to consider that makes a website great. 


5 Factors That Makes Your Website Great


1. Define Your Website’s Purpose

When a visitor lands on your website, the first thing they subconsciously search to know is your website’s purpose. Hence, your website should capture your visitors’ attention, giving them an answer to the question, “Why Am I Here?”

State or feature your product or service in a uniquely obvious font, highlight key challenges your visitors could be facing while positioning your products and services as the solution they need.

2. Create A Unique User Experience

A unique website experience for your visitor keeps them captivated. As a result, they stay long enough on your website to the point of conversion. How does it happen?

Your website design must be aimed at giving your visitors the maximum satisfaction as they navigate the webpages of your website. 

As you prioritize good visuals, remember to position compelling content in them and clear CTA buttons that directs clients to different pages on your website. 

For a great website, you need to work with a trusted website design company that will help meet your goals and business needs. Beyond the quest for an attractive website is the goal to ensure visitors move from leads to customers and eventually, returning customers. 

3. Make Navigation Easy

In creating a great website, navigation is key. A great user experience is in visitors’ ability to seamlessly visit other web pages on your website, thus leading to the conversion point. 

The main goal is to ensure that users are not thrown into confusion as they explore your website. Hence, with data you collect from your website, you have the duty to track your audience’s behavior, watching for how they navigate your website. This will help you make tailored decisions to improve your website navigation where necessary.  

4. Constantly Update Quality Content

When you consistently share quality,  thought-leadership, and optimized content, you’re setting up your website for success. Quality content would give value to readers, answer their questions, and offer them discoveries in their respective fields. But, how do you ensure this? Below are a few helpful tips. 

  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Research & Learn More About Your Audience 
  • Understand Audience’s Search Intent & Behaviour

With these 3 tips, you’d create relevant content that aligns with your audience’s search online. Finally, implementing SEO strategies increases your visibility on search engines. Make sure you hire an SEO expert to optimize your content for search engines.

5. Optimize Your Website For Mobile

Don’t just optimize your website for search, you should also consider the fact that mobile users keep increasing every day. 

According to Statistics from Exploding Topics, over 60% of website traffic is from smartphone users. Also, over 90% of internet users access the internet via their mobile devices. 

From the above statistics, it’s obvious that you need a mobile-friendly website if you want to win the game of website traffic with your competitors. 

Therefore, as you focus on positioning your website for online visibility, ensure you optimize it for mobile accessibility. 

That takes us to the last subheading of this article. 

How To Optimize Your Website For Search


Conducting keyword research is the first step in optimizing your website for search. On page SEO – optimizing each web page on the website – is also carried out. Activities such as writing meta descriptions, title tags, adding headers, rewriting URLs, and optimizing content are activities intended to increase the visibility of your website. 

Also, optimizing the website for search will include creating clear conversion points to help audiences complete an action. Pages with high traffic must have conversion points in them. 

What’s more? 

Throughout your website, your main big goal is to prove your business or company’s worth, share high quality and valuable content that builds and keeps your audience. 

Finally, your contact information and business address should be visible on your website. 

In conclusion, it is obvious that creating a website is a part of marketing today.

We’ve examined the reasons why website creation is considered marketing. We also looked at factors that make a website great. Our discoveries as we explored these areas helps to see the essence of website creation in digital marketing today. 

Do you need a functional website?

Contact Mary Ayokanmi Ore, the founder of Mao Digital Solution. Her expertise and accomplishments over the years makes her the best you could ever wish for, to work with, on your website project.

Contact her here. 

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