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Entrepreneur, this new 2022 festive season research based marketing will make you millions if you dare! MAO Digital Solution Strategy gift to you!

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Hey! 馃槏 Are you here entrepreneur?

It’s not a model’s half-naked post with the caption ” big booty gang” but I promise this is dope and actually good!聽 Yes, I mean it! So are you here! Or are you just there soaking up in that state of tiredness over poor sales!

Well, I am here with hot news that will benefit your business success! News hotter than a video of Rihanna oiled up in some non-modest attire alright! …because what is hotter than having a good sales making business that puts good money in your account, right?

Well, the best time to make yourself more visible online for sales is around the corner! Like, you should be preparing for the next end of Ramadan sales, (whether you are a Muslim, Christian, a traditional worshipper, or whether you do not even believe in God!) Yessss!

This is business and people like sales/getting cheaper things.聽 What am I even saying, hahaha, “people” What about you? Don’t you like sales or promos? Do we need to go to the latest research? I am guessing no…

So, whether it is your birthday that is the next reason or even your anniversary of anything at all, you should be crafting offers that will make your potential audiences choose you instead of Italian gelatos, ice cream or sharwama or even thick babes… in your next sales! Sales, when executed well are always a win for your business! It’s fun, interesting, smart and gets in new customers when done well!

Entrepreneur, you should be applying maximum pressure in all holiday seasons for win-win cashout and enjoyment for your customers… This is a time to spill the wheel for better sales alright and doing it right will make the difference between you selling to 2 people ‘miraculously’ during your sales period or you really selling during your sales!

Ps: I know you’ve done sales, promoted the sales a few and sold nothing, maybe even your easter sales, haha, I know your secret alright… And that’s cos hands down, I have in the past had sales, promoted a bit and had just about the normal occurrence! Hahaha

I think I made it less embarrassing by calling it normal occurrence 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

We know how terribly horrible it feels; flyers all around, posting those waste bead status updates, begging your friends to repost, ads, more personal ads, all those other things… and all and ka booom…

“La la la la, it’s the same depressing sales!” “More like scoring a home goal against yourself as you loosed good money, time and stress while doing those wasted promotions alright!”

The freaking black hole of doing business! Pffff!

We’ll I’m not about to be the asshole who showed you an opportunity to have sales to make sales, point out the error or downside you have been dwelling in and take off!

Hell no!

Amma show you something more so I don’t leave you stranded! Did I hear someone say, thank God! Yesssss!

For your sales to be sales馃榿
(funny that line)

Ok, for your sales to be sales, you need to do some cleanup alright, and this is just the article that addresses the beginning of the cleanup… (well it’s about looking right to customers, social media, online presence audit, offer making, copywriting etc) We used entrepreneurs selling fashion items as examples. Well if you are not one, just apply the lessons to what you do.

You need to click on the link to the article, read it, get those secrets then continue here! The article is part of this gist, my friend… And if you have been following Mary or MAO Digital Solution, you probably have gotten the gist.

Ok, after doing all the online image positioning, offer making, posting reviews, adding urgency, CTA…

You need to post it in the right places like your social handles and most especially your website because having your great converting website like the ones we make for our clients, makes you look super serious, in business and trustworthy if you start the online presence thing early enough and well!

It separates you from many not so stable businesses that didn’t even bother to invest in getting a website or getting a Google presence, or even running ads. for their brands!

Like, when potential clients or customers google you, imagine that all they see is Instagram and Facebook! And God help you if you have a competition with a name like yours who has done well online… Phewww…

They’ll pop up more credibly than you and the google search which started with the intention to verify your authenticity will end with your competitor gaining credence…

Oh my, that’s totally savage! Pufff goes your potential client or customer!

Home goal!

Because news flash, based on research, over 50% of your potential clients will google search you! Did you know that?

So before this sales, your next sales, or before your next ads, and before your next potential client google searches you, you want to get visible online, in the right way, not only with regular websites, but with online presence that will drive conversions, then you can close sales from your sales ads and google searches!

Kabooom, your are swimming in sales… (of course based on your level of your investment)

It’s like getting the best ticket for the American lottery馃槄 Hahaha It’s crazy awesome alright!

P. PS: So you do not make the error of wasting money getting bad online visibility, bad ads and all… We want to make it easier for you for a short period though!

We have a cool offer for your sales success! So you can swim in sales and money!

Don’t miss out on it!

It’s our Ramadan crazy sales @maodigitalsolution (MAO Digital Solution) and it’s going to be epic! START FOR F.R.E.E and make your websites, run ads, make your apps, put your business on google, get verified & placed strategically for sales with our special strategies, boss!

We will access your business and give specifics, implement for your sales and tell you some of the things you’ll need to do to close sales! I can’t wait for you to get the offer & finally stop with all your lamentations of all the wrong no result marketing you have done!

And oh, it’s even juicer! Like talk about having Bill Gates and Elon Musk as besties!

When you do grab the great limited business strategy session offer worth $299 for FREE, you get more tips, we figure out your problem and if you do decide to work with us to do what’s necessary for your growth, you get our 110% money-back guarantee if we don’t deliver! Sweet right?

You have no risk! Nothing to lose with us! It’s an offer as sweet as Christiano Ronaldo asking to give you a few thousand dollars just to raise your hands and skip a bit to look fit!

Super crazy! Right? Claim your spot here now

You’ll lose it if you delay! No cap!

It doesn’t even last up to 3 hours, because immediately your clicked and got on this page, your 3 hours timer started!

Click here now to secure your spot while you can!


If you have personal questions to ask, contact us!



Mary, pioneer at MAO Digital Solution…


1 thought on “Entrepreneur, this new 2022 festive season research based marketing will make you millions if you dare! MAO Digital Solution Strategy gift to you!”

  1. Can I just say what a relief to uncover an individual who really understands what theyre talking about on the web. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you arent more popular given that you most certainly have the gift.

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