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Entrepreneurs weeping in debts! They lied to you and kept their sales secrets!

MAO Digital Solution sales piece on Entrepreneurs Weeping

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They lied to you my friend!


I can bet a $100 that you have been told this selfish lie!

You see people succeeding and they say, “It is the grace of God”.





They know what they did and they won’t tell you!

No, maybe it is not as easy to share as the porn clip of some famous celebrity for them!

I mean they could easily share funny videos, so maybe this information which can change your life is just to boring and they don’t want to bore you by sharing, so instead, they say, ‘its grace!’

They know secrets! No cap!


Some of them have contacted agencies like MAO Digital Solution to help them make sales. to put them online!

On google, rank them… they are spending good money on; running ads, email campaigns and knowing more secrets for sales…

I’ll tell you the truth today ooo, it is not only grace, there are secrets that you must discover!

You can spend days, months, Naira, Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Your blood and sweet finding or getting them… and in the end, it will be well worth it!


I pinky promise that it is not only grace!


See, it might take only grace for Cardi B to tweak her bum all night in the club!

It may take Kim Kardashian grace to maintain that figure…Hahaha

Heck, maybe it took grace for Christiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend to meet such a fine piece of artwork and masterpiece like him…

In entrepreneurship dear, it isn’t always all grace! The earlier you know that the faster you look for the right answers to help your business grow…


Booom, I said it!!!


See, I have been reading many sales and entrepreneurship books since so long, aside the different national and international courses I bought, seminars I went on and practicals I undertook for myself to discover new things, especially on sales!

For this particular book I am finishing today, I have waited far too long to get this conclusion page… How long?

Maybe even up to 3 months because of the new things I had to practice and other engagements…

About 400 pages of excruciatingly necessary value with new terms or sales ideas popping up every second!

And greater work lies ahead with implementation!

For this implementation also, I’ll also need to study another course ebook, take my classes of over 50 video sessions and continue implementation


Ok, it sounds a little tough, but so is robbing a bank and unlike this which scales and continues to run after you figure it out, you have to continue being a thief every time you need more money! Kapish?

Ok for God’s sake, why did I just say kapish to you?

Whoever told you that entrepreneurship is easy lied to you!

It is no child’s play!!!

The enjoyment comes after getting it right and automation is in place… When sales are pouring like rain!

When you become a business builder and not an owner!

More on this and more tips next time, stay tuned!


Entrepreneur, If you want to read one of the e-books I have read for your business growth, get to me here and ask for a copy of a less length PREMUIM book you can start with now, click here

I won’t be online for much longer!

Go ahead and click here now!
I see you haven’t clicked on the link, you may not get to me again…

Ok, byeee



Mary Ayokanmi Ore of MAO Digital Solution

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